Settings are stored in clide\config\settings.ini
if you do not have this file copy first clide\config\settings.template.ini

Each key in settings.ini will generate a msdos variable.
For example project key will give you a %project% var in msdos.

To generate this vars you need to execute clide\bin\config.cmd
All Clide scripts call config.cmd before execution.

Key list:

clide=Clide directory
workspace=Your development workspace (ex: C:\dotNet\Projects\)
project=Your current project name
NetVersion=The .NET version. Used for MSBuild for instance
DeveloperCommandStartPath=The directory where you want your development command prompt to start (opened by c command)
DeveloperVsDevCmd=The Visual Studio batch to set .NET developer tools path
DefaultNamespace=The default namespace for new projects
temporaryfile=The temporary file edited by vt command
backuppath=The path to backup your clide directory
dl=Download path

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