VIM tools are in clide\vim\_vimrc
Batch commands are in clide\bin directory


Find: Find a file
FindStr: Find a string in files
Debug: Debug 64 bit process
Attach: Attach for debug a 64 bits process
AttachX86: Attach for debug a x86 process
UIdGen: Generate a UID


  • backupclide: Backup your clide directory in you backup directory
  • c: Open a new developer command prompt
  • changeproject: Change the current project
  • changeworkspace: Change the workspace
  • config.cmd: Read clide configuration and generates msdos vars
  • CSCB: Continuous msbuild. look at source files and compile if they are modified
  • ctags: run ctags binary
  • d: go to current project directory
  • di: dir directory up sort by size
  • dt: show date and time
  • mdbg: execute Microsoft debugger
  • msb: Run msbuild
  • msbr: Run msbuild in Release configuration
  • newproject: Create a new .NET project
  • proc: list Windows processes (requires cygwin grep)
  • rmd: Remove directory without prompting
  • run: CLIDE menu. Entry point to various tools.
  • s: Search literal string in files
  • sf: Search function in cs files
  • sfi: Search file (requires cygwin grep)
  • sp: Search pattern in cs files
  • sql: Run OSql
  • tkill: Kill Windows process
  • v: Run VIM
  • vim: Run VIM
  • vt: Edit temporary file

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