CLIDE packages the following tools:
  • VIM 7.4 for code editing
  • ctags 5.8 for code indexing
  • mdbg for debugging
  • MSBuildTasks 1.4 for building
  • CSContinuousBuild for background building
  • Some useful command line tools

To install CLIDE please follow this steps:
  • Clone the GIT repository or download the latest ralease in Downloads tab. git clone .\clide
  • Add the clide\bin directory in your Windows system PATH
  • Add the clide\ctags58 directory in your Windows system PATH
  • Run clide\bin\c.cmd to open a new cmd with new system PATH
  • Go edit clide\config\settings.ini (help in documentation here) with the command: v ConfigDir\settings.ini
  • Run c to open a new cmd with proper build tools, you are ready
  • Some tools like proc requires cygwin

CLIDE does not package any version control system.

Add a shortcut in Windows Startup to clide\bin\run.cmd (C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup for Windows 8.1)
Set it to run as Administrator
Set a shortcut key, CTRL+ALT+C for instance

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